Want to learn something and do something about hoaxes, scams, rip-offs and fight spam?

Well, that's what this site is about but you have to do something other than sit on your butt. You have to think and actually do something other than complain and whine.

Each section will give you information about the it's subject and who you need to contact to correct the problem.

Where going to give you websites, addresses and phone numbers, if available, so you can easily do something about the ever growing problems on the Internet.

We have a section where you can ask a relevant question about any of the subjects we cover. We only ask you to first read that section and the FAQ page before you submit a question as it may have already been answered.

We've included sections on what to do and what not to do on the Internet to protect yourself.

We have a section on Spyware and how most times people are unaware that it's on their computer.

Now if you have friends and family tell them about this website. If you have a website and would like to link to us even better. Will we link to your website, sorry no.

If you have pertinent information that you think would be of value to this website and would like to share that information, please do so. But make sure it's real. We can use all the help we can get.

Alert! Alert!
Do Not click on any link in an email from someone you know with no header that has petroforge.
com.br in the link. This is a phishing website. Clicking on the link may infect your computer with a worm virus stealing your email address book

Ed's Bandwagon assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the linked content. The end user is solely responsible for the interpretation and use of the information and should consult with additional parties as required.

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